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To start the client, just instantiate the HubAPI class by passing it the URL of the Nimiq Hub to connect to:

// Connect to testnet
const hubApi = new HubApi('');

// Connect to mainnet
const hubApi = new HubApi('');

Calling Methods

Call an API method on your HubApi instance in the context of a user action:

document.getElementById('checkoutBtn').addEventListener('click', function(event) {
  // Call the API here:
  hubApi.checkout({ /* options */ });

By default, the client opens a popup window for user interactions. On mobile devices, a new tab will be opened instead. For simplicity, we will always refer to popups throughout this documentation.

Popups will be blocked by browsers if not opened within the context of a user action. Thus, it is required that API methods are called synchronously within a user action, such as a click.

For more details about avoiding popup blocking, please refer to this article.

Using Redirects

Please refer to the Using Redirects section.

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