Table of Contents

  1. Script from CDN
  2. NPM and Bundlers

Script from CDN

Include the Hub API library as a script in your page:

  integrity="sha256-5X6zryCUAPOnfjLU8tEtJrLdcslA2UI27RsUWnLAxHs=" crossorigin="anonymous"></script>

This will make the HubApi object available globally on your site.

You can also import from the CDN as an ES6 module:

<script type="module">
  import HubApi from '';

  // Your code here...

NPM and Bundlers

The Hub API can be installed from NPM to use with bundlers (for example Webpack, Rollup, etc.):

npm install --save @nimiq/hub-api
# or with yarn
yarn add @nimiq/hub-api

Then simply import or require it in your module:

import HubApi from '@nimiq/hub-api';
// or
const HubApi = require('@nimiq/hub-api');

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