Nimiq Hub

The Nimiq Hub provides a unified interface for all Nimiq accounts, addresses, and contracts. It is the primary UI for Nimiq users to manage their accounts and provides websites and apps with a concise API to interact with their users’ Nimiq addresses.


The documentation for the Hub API is at

Running your own Hub


If you want to run your own instance of Hub, you also need to run an instance of the Keyguard.


To get started with working on the source code, pull the code and install the dependencies:


git clone
cd hub


Compile and serve with hot-reload in the background for development:

yarn run serve

Compile and lint continuously in the background for development:

yarn run build --watch

Lint and fix files:

yarn run lint

Run unit tests:

yarn run test


Compile and minify for production:

yarn run build


The following values can be changed via configuration files:

The default config file is config.local.ts. To use a different file (especially useful for deployment), set an environment variable build. E.g. export build='testnet' to use config.testnet.ts. To set environment variables permanently, please refer to your server’s documentation, e.g. for Apache.