Nimiq UX

Legacy Root repository for all projects regarding the Nimiq UX.

Getting Started


git clone nimiq --recursive

Note: You might need to add a ssh key to your github Account. Even if you try to clone with https, it can happen that git will use ssh for the submodules.

Update Modules

cd nimiq
git submodule foreach --recursive git pull

Fetch New Modules

cd nimiq
git pull
git submodule sync
git submodule update --recursive --remote
git submodule foreach --recursive git checkout master

Add a Submodule

cd nimiq
git submodule add -b <branch> <repository> [<submodule-path>]

For example:

git submodule add -b master ../x-element.git libraries/x-element/

Remove a Submodule

cd nimiq
git submodule deinit <submodule-path>    
rm -rf .git/module/<submodule-path>